Join us Tuesday, June 15th for a FREE Outdoor Group Fitness Event, located right in the MOVATI parking lot. It’s your chance to experience our incredible group fitness classes firsthand and meet our staff, as well as other club members.

To ensure everyone’s safety, health measures including physical distancing of 3 meters and capacity limitations will be in effect. Facial masks are not required while engaging in high intensity physical activities. While not engaged in high intensity physical activities masking is required. Please note, space for this special event is limited. To reserve your spot, simply sign up in the schedule below. Walk-ins are also welcome, as space availability permits. In case of light rain classes may change. Heavy rain cancels the event.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the Group Fitness Class begins to ensure your spot.

Movati Barre Physique is a full body, barre fitness class that combines yoga and pilates practices, using the alignment and positioning of ballet. Working with a neutral spine, this low impact class targets traditional problem areas, while increasing core and hip stability using  light weights, resistance tubing, a 5” playball and a ballet barre. This class will fully fatigue each muscle group, leaving you energized and strengthened. BOOKING POLICY
Get the party started! In a club atmosphere with your bike as your dance partner, bust out rhythms and beat driven moves with fast paced pedaling, light hand weights, tap backs, presses and more! BOOKING POLICY
Enjoy your favourite dance hits! Each song has its own unique routine that is easy to follow. Bring your energy and meet us on the dance floor! BOOKING POLICY
Christina M.
Movati Drums is a cardio & core jam session combining great music, heart pounding cardio segments with simulated drumming on a ball! Come drum your way to a leaner physique, all while rocking out to your favourite music! BOOKING POLICY
Christina M.
Combine the benefits of total body muscular conditioning with cardiovascular training to get the workout tailored for you!  Your instructor will provide you with options so that you can find the level of intensity that is right for you. BOOKING POLICY
This is a low impact choreography-based class that is easy to follow. It incorporates holding light hand weights while moving to music. A total body workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat! BOOKING POLICY
Online Class Registration Terms
Basic (B): Basic classes are gentle offering modified workouts with no experience required. Additional instructions on safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given to build a solid foundation in your workout routine.

Everyone (E): Everyone Welcome! Instructions of safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given while offering options that will work for a wide range of participants looking to build upon experience gained through BASIC classes.

Intermediate/Advanced (I/A): Intermediate/Advanced classes are challenging in intensity with experience required. Reduced instructions and modifications are given in order to challenge the participant’s knowledge and technique gained through EVERYONE classes.

Canadian Mental Health Association
*On-site video streaming will be available on the CMHA fundraiser page.

*Pictures and video streaming will take place at the event. Participation in the event requires waivers to be signed at the event.