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MOVATI Group Fitness
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MOVATI Group Fitness

Welcome to MOVATI Group Fitness, where fitness and community unite for an inspiring journey. As leaders in Group Fitness, we offer a wide range of classes for all levels, with up to 200 live classes per week. Included in all memberships, our in-person live group fitness classes are led by certified instructors in our purpose-built boutique studios. Join our supportive fitness community and discover the strength within you. Let’s move with MOVATI!


Being part of the MOVATI fitness community is a true delight for our members.
Don't take our word for it; come and witness it firsthand.


Ottawa - Barrhaven

Amazing experience with my Performance Coach, Sule. Truly a great person and Coach. He is extremely knowledgeable and was a key person in my recovery and mission to become stronger physically and mentally.


Ottawa - Barrhaven

My Performance Coach has helped me realize my potential, unlock my strength and flexibility. All my sessions have been fun. My Performance Coach and my sessions have really helped realize there is a big mental aspect to working out and achieving your goals. Showing up at the gym regularly on time is the best gift you are giving yourself and winning that battle.


Waterloo / Kitchener

Ricardo is a great Performance Coach. I’ve been a repeat client of his three different times now. I appreciate how he takes the time to train me based on my strengths and help me achieve my fitness goals. I also really like that he creates a fitness program so that I can continue training on my own and he continually follows up with me to ensure I have no questions and I know how to perform the exercises correctly.

Cindy R.


I love MOVATI. Since I joined MOVATI, it has become a part of my daily routine. I love all the classes and Performance Coaches, they are quite professional. I have lost some weight and I will keep it up. I love myself even more.

Katie K.


I recently joined MOVATI and I must say that I was impressed with the quality of the facilities and services. The classes are particulary enjoyable as the instructors are knowledgeable and passionate, keeping me motivated throughout the session. The challenge of the workout was just what I needed to push myself to the limit. Overall, my experience at MOVATI was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch fitness center.

Monica P.


Joining MOVATI is the best thing I’ve ever given myself. I retired last year and I look forward every morning when I wake up and come to MOVATI. The staff are very friendly and the gym is very clean. There are a variety of classes to take, I look forward to them all. I’ve done yoga, steps, and aqua yoga. The classes are very helpful to my health. The amazing instructors are very talented.

Andy H.


I'm one of the few men that regularly attend group fitness classes. MOVATI has a great selection of classes to suit all ages & abilities. All the instructors are great. I'm generally a morning workout member and I always find the club welcoming and spotlessly clean. Way to go MOVATI!

Fatima M.


I have been coming to MOVATI for almost a year. I have lost 67 lbs and built some muscle. MOVATI classes are full of energy and the instructor always takes the time to see how we all are doing. The class instructors are a big reason why I keep coming and have recommended MOVATI to many of my friends!

Ashley C.


I absolutely love this gym for so many reasons including the staff, cleanliness and the variety of classes MOVATI has to offer. I joined MOVATI to improve my physical and mental well being. There is something for everyone here and you will always feel welcome and encouraged to be your best self, no matter your fitness level. MOVATI makes the best post workout smoothies! MOVATI is not just a gym - it’s an experience! I’m so happy to be part of the MOVATI Mississauga community.

Sara M.


As a breast cancer survivor, I am always finding ways to motivate myself to stay active and healthy. MOVATI has inspired me to push myself mentally, spiritually and emotionally with their Barbell class. I have noticed changes in my body and feel stronger and more confident! The instructors keep their classes fun with their sense of humour and powerful words of encouragement. Thank you MOVATI for inspiring me to continue.

Cheralyn H.

Edmonton - Windermere

I joined MOVATI Windermere in Edmonton in September, 2022 and it literally changed my life! I am 64 years old and I wasn't motivated to exercise and felt I was too old and wouldn't fit in... until I went to the Zumba and drum classes. The instructors are so much fun and I got to socialize with other members! I didn't really know anyone here and now I have made many friends and feel like I belong! I have met people of all ages and look forward to the classes every day! Thank you MOVATI.

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