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Success Stories

Ilona C


I sought to enhance my gym skills and self-improvement. My MOVATI Performance Coach, provided expert guidance, motivation, and humor in our sessions, fostering both learning and enjoyment.

Maggie K.


Seeking safe strength training because of my scoliosis, I enlisted the help of a knowledgeable Performance Coach. His expertise, encouragement, and tailored program were instrumental in my fitness journey. His customized regimen aligned with my interests and abilities, fostering a supportive and effective partnership aimed at improving my health.

Nader O.


My Performance Coach not only motivated me but also made training enjoyable, ensuring results within months. He emphasized diet, sleep, and stress management, preventing overexertion and injury while consistently pushing me to improve.

Holly H.

Edmonton - Windermere

In my fitness journey with my Performance Coach and MOVATI, I’ve learned to overcome my fears of working out at the gym and achieve huge accomplishments. Since I started training with my Performance Coach, I’ve lost 50lbs and countless inches off my body. I’ve gone from not knowing how to use a barbell to deadlifting 360lbs. Through countless injuries, my Performance Coach has had the patience to help me rehab everything including my shoulder which allowed me to start squatting with a barbell instead of a safety bar. I never thought I would get to a point in my fitness journey where I would be as strong as I am! I’m learning to be more confidence with myself daily. The friendliness of the associates and Performance Coaches make going to the gym easier and a more fun environment to be in!

Hamid R.

Richmond Hill

My Performance Coaches encouragement has given me the confidence that I needed to start this program. I have been working with a Performance Coach for a few months and they have been wonderful. They are always positive and energetic. My flexibility, range of motion, and core strength have improved. I have greater flexibility and I feel more in control of my health. With my Performance Coach’s knowledge and experience, I have been very pleased, and I would highly recommend them.

Adam G.


The Performance Coaches I’ve had in the past at MOVATI provided me with the knowledge to set up on my own training routine combining strength training and cardio along with a sensible diet plan. I would recommend Personal Training to those who are starting their own weight loss journey, or just need a boost to get to their next level, to take advantage of what MOVATI has to offer. I’m so happy to be feeling and looking much healthier and focusing on hitting my next set of goals.

Kathy M.


I’m an overweight 60-year old female with severe osteoarthritis in both knees. When I started at MOVATI I knew I needed the assistance of a knowledgeable Performance Coach to help me reach my goals without further injuries. Climbing stairs and walking any distance was difficult and painful. During my initial consult with my Performance Coach, they performed a comprehensive mobility assessment and an in-depth health screen. They designed a program specific to my needs using a variety of techniques and equipment. Working with a Performance Coach gave me the confidence I needed to use the machines/equipment I once found intimidating in a gym setting.

MOVATI Personal Training

Performance Coach

MOVATI Performance Coaches take the guess work out of your fitness and health routine. We use data and years of fitness industry experience to develop personalized programs that will keep you motivated, save valuable time and most importantly live a better, healthier life.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, become stronger, increase mobility, or compete to win, our coaches are here to help change your life for the better.

Benefits of a MOVATI Performance Coach

Personalized Support
Personalized Support

Behind every Performance Coach you’ll find a caring professional, with a wealth of knowledge. No matter the budget or goals we have a solution for you.

Driven By Science
Driven By Science

Our Performance Coaches use a Data-Driven and Knowledge-Based Approach, blending insights from InBody® and Movement Assessment for a program positively impacting your life.

Stay Motivated
Stay Motivated

Increase strength through specific muscular conditioning and core exercises. A variety of equipment with cardio components may be used to keep you challenged and progressing to your goals.


Performance Coaching workshops are complimentary with our commitment to empower you with information, designed to help you stay healthy and on track to your fitness goals.

MOVATI Personal Training

MOVATI Personal
Training App

Free app download with the purchase of Personal Training Services , or book a GPS session for a FREE App trial.

  • Personal Training Programs Tailored to Your Fitness Goals
  • Monitor and Track Your Progress
  • Virtual Training and Instructional Training Videos
  • Stay Connected with Your Performance Coach and Training Community
  • Nutrition Plans and Meal Tracking
  • Connect to 3rd Party Fitness Apps and Wearables
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