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Studio Classes

This is more than a club – it’s a community. As a MOVATI member, you’ll have full access to our complete range of group fitness classes, where you can join others in an inspiring and supportive atmosphere. Plus, with up to 150 weekly group fitness classes, finding the ones that fit your preferences and schedule is no sweat. All classes are led by expert instructors and conducted in our spacious boutique-style studios, making every session an amazing experience. Are you in?

Studio Classes
Studio Classes
Studio Classes
Studio Classes
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Class Styles

Boredom is not an option! With our incredible variety of class styles and levels, MOVATI Athletic has the right one for you. From Anti-Gravity to Zumba, our expert instructors will keep you motivated and moving to reach your personal best. We’re ready when you are!

Basic (B): Basic classes are gentle offering modified workouts with no experience required. Additional instructions on safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given to build a solid foundation in your workout routine.

Everyone (E): Everyone Welcome! Instructions of safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given while offering options that will work for a wide range of participants looking to build upon experience gained through BASIC classes.

Intermediate/Advanced (I/A): Intermediate/Advanced classes are challenging in intensity with experience required. Reduced instructions and modifications are given in order to challenge the participant’s knowledge and technique gained through EVERYONE classes.

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Build Muscle
Improve Endurance
Look & Feel Better
Reduce Stress
Enhance Mobility
Improve Athletic Skill
Improve Immunity & Health

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Group Fitness
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On March 1, 2022, the Government of Ontario lifted the requirement for proof of vaccination. As a result, MOVATI Athletic will not require proof of vaccination for club entry at its Ontario locations as of March 1. In accordance with regulations, self- screening will continue to remain in place before entering the club. Click here for more information about Ontario’s new regulations.

In Alberta, MOVATI Athletic Windermere location, vaccination QR code or passport is not required to enter the club. The Provincial Government requires members to screen themselves for symptoms prior to club entry. Click here to find the daily checklist for your personal screening.

Visitors must be of the age of majority in the province in which the Club is located unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.