It’s more than just a workout. MOVATI Athletic’s exclusive Small Group Training programs allow you to experience the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer in an energetic and motivating small group setting. Our expert coaches lead dynamic workouts individually targeted to your fitness needs, allowing you to minimize time & maximize results.


4 ways to take your workout to the next level.


Discover the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training. Experience our energetic, whole body workout using a combination of cardio intervals and total body strength conditioning to achieve maximum fitness benefits in each session.



Get ready to ignite your fire within using a combination of boxing, kickboxing and total body strength conditioning. Learn the fundamentals behind stiking technique while maximizing calorie burn.



Move past your limits and find your strength with a workout that focuses on lifting fundamentals to help build lean muscle mass.


MOVATI Mobility

Move better and feel better with this results focused session that will boost performance, optimize range of motion and accelerate recovery.

Movati Small Group Pricing

Solutions for any budget

Experience the benefits of personal training in a small group environment for less than $25/session.

Find your perfect solution with MOVATI Small Group


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