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Get in gear and into the groove as you pedal through an adrenaline-pumping spin session that’s anything but routine. With high-energy music, state-of-the-art bikes and passionate expert instructors, our cycle classes leave all others in the dust. Let’s ride.

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Class Styles

Power up and shift your cycling experience into top gear with this intense class. You’ll be pushed to go beyond your comfort zone and reach a higher level of performance, strength and endurance. Ready to crush it?

Basic (B): Basic classes are gentle offering modified workouts with no experience required. Additional instructions on safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given to build a solid foundation in your workout routine.

Everyone (E): Everyone Welcome! Instructions of safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given while offering options that will work for a wide range of participants looking to build upon experience gained through BASIC classes.

Intermediate/Advanced (I/A): Intermediate/Advanced classes are challenging in intensity with experience required. Reduced instructions and modifications are given in order to challenge the participant’s knowledge and technique gained through EVERYONE classes.

Ride With Us

Enjoy your ride, with instructors eager to guide you on your fitness journey.

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Lose Weight
Build Muscle
Improve Endurance
Look & Feel Better
Reduce Stress
Enhance Mobility
Improve Athletic Skill
Improve Immunity & Health

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Strength Training
Cardio Training
Cross Functional
Group Fitness
Women's Only

Members and guests entering any MOVATI Athletic location regarding use of facilities, membership inquires, club tours, guest passes and/or general club access will be required to show a copy of their enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code (either digitally on their mobile device or as a physical copy of the QR code) along with government issued photo ID. If you do not yet have your enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code, you will not be allowed entry. For more information about obtaining your vaccination for Ontario click here, and for Alberta click here.

Visitors must be of the age of majority in the province in which the Club is located unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.