As an alternative to in-club training, here is a selection of on-demand routines designed by our certified Group Fitness experts and Personal Trainers to help keep you strong and healthy.

Cardio and Conditioning

Rhythm & Beats with Kristin

Instructor Kristin takes you through a Rhythm & Beats class you can do with your stationary bike from home.

Muscles in Motion with Leslie

This is a low impact choreography-based class that is easy to follow. It incorporates holding light hand weights while moving to music.

Hi-Lo with Melissa

Your traditional aerobics class with options of hi and low impact moves choreographed to music.

Rhythm & Beats with Jayde

Instructor Jayde takes you through a cycle class to the beat of your favourite songs. Small hand weight recommended, stationary bike required.

Muscle and Strength

Barre Physique with Inga

Instructor Inga takes you through a MOVATI Barre Physique class you can follow along to from home!

Rock Bottom with Chrissy

Focusing on the lower body and core muscle groups where a variety of equipment (including your own body weight) may be used.

Full Body HIIT Workout

Join trainer Colin for a high intensity interval workout you can do from your home.

Full body HIIT using ONLY body weight

Personal trainer Colin takes you through a high intensity workout you can do from the comfort of your home using only your own bodyweight!

Step & Sculpt with Jayde

Best of MOVATI Athletic Facebook LIVE classes. This winning combination of step choreography and muscular conditioning will give you your cardio and strength fix.

Step & Sculpt with Yun

Instructor Yun takes you through a high-energy step class. Light hand weights and a step are recommended but not required!

Muscles in Motion with Stacey

Instructor Stacey takes you through a low-impact class suited for everyone! No equipment required.

Step and Sculpt with Inga

Instructor Inga takes you through a high-energy step class from the MOVATI Co-Ed studio.

Pilates with Natasha

Instructor Natasha takes you through a Pilates class from our Sky Studio.


Mobility routine - no equipment needed

Personal trainer Colin takes you through a full mobility routine you can do from home to help keep your body and joints healthy and mobile.

Sweat and Surrender with Virinder

Instructor Virinder takes you through a Sweat and Surrender yoga practice.