Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts 2020 gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts - For some, 2020 has been about developing healthy habits while for others it may have been a year to pause and take some time to focus on other areas of their life. With the gift giving season just around the corner you may want to surprise your loved ones with a gift to align with […]
How does exercise affect our immune system? - One of the most important things we can focus on in 2020 is supporting our immune systems. With both COVID-19 and the flu season upon us, it’s more important now than ever to tend to habits that will help us in the long term. Exercise has been historically seen as an immune system suppressant, but […]
Exercising with a mask? Try these tips for success. Exercising with a mask? Try these tips for success. - Exercising with a mask may come with a learning curve, but we want to help you stay healthy while maximizing the safety and comfort of your fellow MOVATI members and staff. If you’re finding it difficult to adjust to the new protocol, try the following tips: Choose steady state workout options High intensity workouts are […]
“NEAT” may be what you’re missing in order to reach your fitness goals. - If we look at lifestyle differences in most people from even just 50-100 years ago it’s no secret that automation and the digital revolution has taken us by storm. We no longer wait in line for a teller because we have online banking and ATMs and groceries can come straight to our doors with the […]
How does exercise improve our mental health? - The fitness industry has for long focused on the physical benefits of consistent exercise, such as increased muscle mass, endurance, improved cardiovascular health and other metabolic effects. However, an often overlooked, but equally significant, area of improvement most regular gym-goers report is improved mental health. So, is this really the case and why does it […]
How to dress for an outdoor workout - Days are getting shorter and maximizing the time you spend outdoors can be great for your mental and physical health. However, don’t let the dropping temperatures discourage you from getting some fresh air, you just need to be smart about it!  Here are some tips for dressing for an outdoor sweat session: Check the temperature […]
Considerations for when trying to change your habits - Whether it’s to exercise more, drink more water, get 10K steps a day or to spend more time with your family, we all have habits we want to form in order to enhance our lives. But, if you’ve ever tried changing a habit, you’ll quickly learn it’s not exactly the easiest project to undertake. So, […]
2 easy and fun ways to enjoy some Ontario apples - Apple season is here in Ontario and we all know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Apples are always a good idea; they are nutritious and good for your heart, promote good gut bacteria, bone health and so much more! Apples are also versatile and can be great in a salad, on a […]
How to safely return to exercise after 4 months at home - The time has finally come to begin your return to the gym. However, with so many resorting to running and body weight workouts during the Provincial closure, what does a return really look like? The good news is that our bodies can, and will, regain strength and muscle in a relatively short period of time with the right training plan. The bad news is that it’s not uncommon to get far too excited and end up […]
Getting back on track with sleep - With more people returning to work, returning to the gym and other regular activites, it is more important now than ever that we are getting quality sleep. You may have noticed your schedule has shifted in the last few months, but you feel like you could use a return to your old sleeping routine. Here […]