Nutrition Tips Nutrition Tips: Social Distance Edition - While exercise is an important component to building a healthy and strong body, maintaining a healthy lifestyle relies on having a strong foundation of positive nutritional habits. And these habits shouldn’t stop even if we can’t make it to the gym! Below are a few simple suggestions to optimize healthy habits in the kitchen for […]
Movati Colouring Pages - After working out with one of our Facebook Live or On Demand Video classes, here’s a great, colourful way to unwind! Simply click one of the images below to download one of our Colouring Pages and showcase your creative side.
MOVATI LIVE Classes – FAQ - Do I have to be a MOVATI member to access? No, these classes are available to everyone on our public platforms. How do I find the schedule for the LIVE classes? Schedules will be posted in advance on the respective social media platforms. On Facebook you may find it pinned to the top of the […]
Stress 5 tips for Managing Stress While Social Distancing - Feelings of uncertainty, stress and anxiety are affecting so many of us as we work together to “flatten the curve.” In the interest of your wellbeing, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you manage whatever emotions you may be feeling during this difficult time.  Sleep is one of the most important components to […]
Free Live Daily Workouts and Yoga Sessions - Canadian fitness chain offering free live daily workouts and yoga sessions on Instagram and Facebook for Canadians confined to their homes Movati Athletic helping Canadians de-stress and stay fit while practising social distancing With fitness clubs across the country closed and workout routines disrupted, Movati Athletic is giving Canadians the chance to get some exercise and […]
Stronger Together Why MOVATI believes in providing a women’s only area - The women’s only area at MOVATI continues to set us apart in 2020 and has been the “heart” of our clubs since the early days. What’s usually a forgotten corner in most gyms includes a fitness floor with free weights, squat racks, machines and cardio equipment, a group fitness studio and a pool at MOVATI. […]
What Cardio is Best for You?  - Cardio has forever been the go-to solution for fat loss. We know that cardiovascular training improves our heart health, targets fat burning, and improves overall fitness; but what type of cardio is best and how often should we be doing it?  Fasted Cardio: when exercise is done in a fasted state, in which your body is no longer […]
Mobility & Recovery – The Building Blocks To Success - Mobility training is the ability for a joint to move freely through its entire range of motion. Over time, our joints become compromised, which can shift how we move and exercise, ultimately leading to tightness and potentially even injury. Regular mobilization training is crucial to maximize performance & improve recovery.    Examples of Mobility Training:  Foam […]
Why Even Beginners Should Do Barbell Strength Training - You often hear that exercises like squats, deadlifts, overhead press and bench press are essential building blocks to your workout program, but why?  These lifts are considered compound movements which means they use multiple joints and muscles to complete the lift. Because of this, they use more energy and recruit more muscles, giving you the best bang […]
HIIT Training – Maximize Your Workout In Less Time - Short on time, but big on results? Try HIIT! Also known as “High Intensity Interval Training,” HIIT, may just be what you’re missing. The idea is simple: less time required to have the same impact on your fitness goals. What exactly is HIIT? It’s a term used for workouts that involve short periods of intense […]