Movati wants to recognize and thank all first responders, nurses, doctors and other care workers as they work tirelessly to save people’s lives.  We truly appreciate the enormous effort and sacrifice it takes to keep our communities healthy and want to express our profound gratitude to you for saving lives and keeping us safe.

How to dress for an outdoor workout - Days are getting shorter and maximizing the time you spend outdoors can be great for your mental and physical health. However, don’t let the dropping temperatures discourage you from getting some fresh air, you just need to be smart about it!  Here are some tips for dressing for an outdoor sweat session: Check the temperature […]
Considerations for when trying to change your habits - Whether it’s to exercise more, drink more water, get 10K steps a day or to spend more time with your family, we all have habits we want to form in order to enhance our lives. But, if you’ve ever tried changing a habit, you’ll quickly learn it’s not exactly the easiest project to undertake. So, […]
2 easy and fun ways to enjoy some Ontario apples - Apple season is here in Ontario and we all know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Apples are always a good idea; they are nutritious and good for your heart, promote good gut bacteria, bone health and so much more! Apples are also versatile and can be great in a salad, on a […]
How to safely return to exercise after 4 months at home - The time has finally come to begin your return to the gym. However, with so many resorting to running and body weight workouts during the Provincial closure, what does a return really look like? The good news is that our bodies can, and will, regain strength and muscle in a relatively short period of time with the right training plan. The bad news is that it’s not uncommon to get far too excited and end up […]
Getting back on track with sleep - With more people returning to work, returning to the gym and other regular activites, it is more important now than ever that we are getting quality sleep. You may have noticed your schedule has shifted in the last few months, but you feel like you could use a return to your old sleeping routine. Here […]
Combining in-club and at-home workouts for maximal health and fitness - Whether you are easing back into entering public spaces or want to be in and out as efficiently as possible, there is a way we can combine the best of both worlds! See below for different ways you can split your time while still maximizing results: Prioritize using heavier weights at MOVATI Chances are, even […]
Save time at the gym by just bringing your essentials - With new protocols in place, how can you ensure you are ready to have a safe and healthy experience at MOVATI Athletic? Although general workouts don’t require reservations, we still ask members to maximize their efficiency throughout their visit and that starts with bringing just the essentials! When possible, come dressed in your workout clothes […]
Instructions for Participants – How to Join MOVATI Virtual Classes as of August 3 - Virtual MOVATI classes are coming to members via ZOOM starting Monday August 3. To help you transition to using ZOOM we have outlined some important steps and information below: Getting Ready Before you do anything, please take some time to download the ZOOM app for your device: Go to our virtual schedule and find the […]
How to cope with body changes in the time of COVID-19 - Gyms in Ontario have been closed for about 4 months from when this blog is being written and for many, keeping our bodies in good shape is dependent on our access to a fitness facility. And no matter how many tips and tricks everyone shares on staying healthy and fit from home, you may have […]
4 Household items to help you stay strong - We’ve been exercising from home for 2 months and you may be hitting a wall when it comes to making progress with just using bodyweight. Here are some household items that can help add variety or an extra challenge to your workouts! 1) Backpack or duffel bag One of the most readily available, yet most […]