How to Improve a Sedentary Lifestyle
How to Improve a Sedentary Lifestyle

You’ve probably heard it before that a sedentary lifestyle is contributing to so many chronic illnesses and conditions in the modern-day society. Being sedentary means that most of your daily tasks do not involve very much activity and can be completed from a seated position.

However, there are ways to intentionally help combat a sedentary lifestyle to help not only your health, but mobility and help improve overall body composition.

Wake Up and Stretch

One of the best ways to start your day is with some activity. Depending on how early you wake up you can even go for a walk, but at the very least, do a 10-minute stretch and get the blood flowing through your system.

Want a mobility routine to try out? Check out our YouTube video here:

Go For a Mid-Morning/Noon Walk

Walking is a highly underrated way to staying active and is accessible to most people! Just one 30-minute walk can take your daily step count from 4000 to 10,0000, which is a big deal. This will not only keep your joints, heart and muscles healthy but also increase your total daily caloric expenditure.

This is especially important for anyone with weight loss goals or even those who are struggling with their mental health. Going outside and getting fresh air and sunlight is a great strategy for feeling more energized and healthier.

Standing Afternoon Break

Don’t have time for another walk or to exercise in the middle of your day? No problem! Try standing during meetings or between meetings. If you work from home, step away from the computer and do a quick household chore or walk over and talk to a family member.

Depending on the nature of your work this can look different for different people, but try setting reminders to get up from your desk at least twice per afternoon.

Evening Workout

Exercise is the way to ultimately build a strong body and mind. There are plenty of ways to exercise and the most important factor is that you enjoy the process. While it may be challenging at times, find a way to move that motivates you to be better every single day.

Check out any of our videos here to help you get started:

While breaking up your day like this may not work for you, take this opportunity to look for ways to find a way to place activity breaks throughout your day to help you live a long, healthy and mobile life.