How to Stay Cool with Outdoor Workouts

With the summer heat in full swing and outdoor workouts becoming more commonplace, it’s important we stay safe in the heat and sun while raising our heart rates!

It’s important to remember that when the temperature is higher our body struggles a bit more to recover in between exercises. If you own a device that measures your heart rate you may even notice that it doesn’t drop as quickly.

When the air is really hot and humid it becomes harder for your sweat to evaporate and cool off your body and so you have to take some extra measures to help your body keep itself cool.

Here are some tips and considerations for your next outdoor sweat session:

  1. Sweat Wicking Clothes/Materials

Sweat wicking clothe are important in any weather, but with the heat and humidity it is especially important. Firstly, these materials tend to be much more breathable and lighter, so you aren’t trapping heat inside of your clothing.

Secondly, clothes made of just cotton or polyester with absorb your sweat and make you feel uncomfortable and extra hot.

  1. Wear Lighter Colours

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that darker colours will make you feel hotter. Therefore, opting for lighter coloured tops and bottoms when going out for your outdoor workout is a great decision.

  1. Hydrate before and throughout

When you sweat you lose water, so it’s important to replenish, but it’s also important to go into your workout already well hydrated!

Make sure you’ve had some liquid in the day before starting your workout and aren’t s

  1. Look for shade to cool off

Find a shady spot and either workout in the shade or use it as a resting place in between your sets is a good way to help regulate your body temperature and also stay away from the sun’s harmful rays.

You can also use this shady spot to store your water and snacks!

  1. Early morning or late evening workouts

One of the best strategies is to stick to early mornings or late evenings once the sun has gone down or has not yet reached its peak. Although not every morning or evening is cool, it is still a little easier to get moving when the sun isn’t directly shining at you.

Always remember to listen to your body and do only as much as you can handle while taking frequent breaks to cool off, rest and hydrate. Bring some electrolytes as back up in case you feel unwell and remember to reapply sunscreen!