Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can I Get More Information About the COVID-19 Virus?

For more information about the coronavirus, including precautions, symptoms and an update on the situation in Canada, please contact PHAC below or your local Public Health Unit.

Public Health Agency of Canada:

World Health Organization:


When will the clubs reopen?

On July 30, 2020 MOVATI Athletic started welcoming members back. All members will receive an email in advance of their club re-opening and updates will be provided on our website and social media.

I don’t feel comfortable returning to the club, do I have the option of putting my membership on a freeze?

We have solutions to suit your needs. Please submit your inquiry to and we’ll help review your options for freezing your membership. For Windsor Club members please submit your inquiry to and the local club will help review your options.

What happens if I made a membership payment between March 6th through to the 15th?

Any payments made during this period will be credited to your account upon reopening.

I put my account on freeze prior to the closure due to COVID-19. Is my account still on freeze?

Yes, your account will remain frozen until the club reopens.  In addition, members who paid a freeze fee prior to closure will see a credit on their first invoice for the pro-rated amount taking into consideration the time between when the freeze payment was made and the date of club closure.

I only used my membership freeze due to COVID-19 and then the club closed. Do I get my freeze cycles back?

Yes.  The freeze cycles used during the closure period will be credited back to you.

Can I cancel my membership if I am still in-term?

Membership terms and conditions continue to apply. You may cancel your membership at the end of your membership term.

Will my dues get reduced based on limited or reduced services?

We are reopening based on Health Canada regulations and Government guidelines which prohibit or restrict certain services.  We expect these services to return in the fullness of time and their return will be based on evolving Government guidelines.  While these restrictions are in place, we must still maintain facilities, labour, rent and assume added costs related to cleaning and the additional equipment required to prepare for resuming services.  Upon reopening our clubs, we are providing a complimentary 2-week grace period before reinstating dues.

If you turn me away due to travel/symptoms, do I get a rebate/discount on dues?

Members who cannot enter the club due to illness or travel quarantine guidelines will not be eligible for a dues rebate or discount. Upon reopening our clubs, we are providing each member with a complimentary 2-week grace period before reinstating membership dues. 

For Paid-In-Full members, an additional (2) weeks will gratuitously be added to your term.

I am no longer an in-term member and I tried to cancel when you were closed. Do I still have to give 30 days' notice now?

No, you do not.  The 30-day cancellation notice period is being waived for the first 30 days that the club is open.

Some services and parts of the club are not available. Do I get a discount on my dues?

We expect these services to reopen based on evolving Government guidelines.  While these restrictions are in place, we must still maintain facilities, labour, rent and assume added costs related to cleaning and the additional equipment required to prepare for resuming services. Upon reopening our clubs, we are providing a complimentary 2-week grace period before reinstating dues.

If I am not able to attend the club/class due to the capacity restrictions do I get a discount on my dues?

We are not discounting dues, but we are providing a complimentary 2-week grace period to give you time to adjust to the changes we have made based on Health Canada regulations and Government guidelines.    To ensure you have a spot in your favourite class make sure you reserve a spot ahead of time using the Movati website ( or (once available) the new Movati mobile app. 

I have prepaid for my membership, when is my new expiry date?

Memberships are non-refundable. Your expiry date will be extended to cover the time of closure.

I paid for a one-month membership on March 1st and then the club closed; I have left Canada and want a refund for the two weeks I paid for and was unable to use the club.

Memberships are non-refundable. Your expiry date will be extended to cover the time of closure.

Are paid-passes and free-passes still valid?

Time remaining on paid-passes during the closure will be extended to the reopening period.  Free passes are not available at this time.  Free passes obtained prior to closing are not valid until further notice.

Do you have any student offers available for the summer?

Yes. We will have a student offer available for the summer, contact your local club for details.

In-Club FAQs

Are you supplying PPE for members such as masks and gloves?

We welcome and encourage you to wear your own masks and gloves while in the club. Movati will not supply member PPE.

Is it mandatory for members to wear a mask and gloves?

Member use of a protective face mask or covering is required for entry and use while in club. Temporary removal will be permitted while actively engaging in fitness activity including water based activities, consuming food or drink, or for any emergency or medical purpose as directed by local bylaws and health regulations. Other PPE like gloves are welcome for use in club.

Can I still use cash to pay for products and services in the club?

Due to Health Canada’s recommendations, we cannot accept cash until further notice. To ensure everyone’s health & safety you may use a debit or credit card, or Movati Express Pay touch-less tap. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Am I able to bring a friend for free on a Guest Pass?

We will not be accepting Guest Passes until further notice.  Our primary focus is to ensure our members have priority access to the club upon reopening.

Why have your hours of operation changed? How long will this be in effect?

To allow for enhanced deep cleaning protocols, our hours of operation will be as follows: Monday to Friday 5:30am to 9:30pm, and Saturday and Sunday 7am to 6pm until further notice.

Are we able to share equipment with other members in between sets?

Sharing equipment with other members while performing your workout routines can be accommodated as long each member is comfortable with the sharing arrangement.  Wiping down and disinfecting equipment is required between each member’s set, and physical distancing protocols are required.

How will you ensure the club is clean and safe to use?

We will have additional staff on hand, trained by EcoLab®, to carry out our new cleaning protocols including increased frequency of cleaning, electrostatic spray disinfecting between group fitness classes and at set times throughout the club, around the clock. 

EcoLab® cleaning products are the leading products used by hospitals and medical laboratories and approved by Health Canada for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). We will have specially designated Ambassadors wearing “Ask Me” pins situated at the entrance of the club and placed throughout the club to educate members on new health & safety protocols, help answer member questions and ensure protocols are observed. We have a zero-tolerance policy for those who do not comply resulting in the possible termination of membership.

COVID-19 rarely impacts children. Why isn’t the playroom open?

For the protection of children, members, and our playroom staff, the playroom will be closed until further direction from government and industry regulators are established. Although children appear to be at a lower risk of exhibiting symptoms, they may still contract and transfer the virus unknowingly.

What guidelines do you have in place for food and beverage handling?

Our Cafe staff will wear masks, gloves and wash their hands before and after fulfilling each order. Members will be required to follow physical distancing protocols when queuing for orders and retrieving beverages from the designated pick-up area. The service is take-out only and no cash will be accepted, only debit card, credit card, and Movati Express Pay. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols for all surfaces and equipment will be in place.

What will you do if you find out someone with COVID-19 was in the facility?

In the event an employee or member tests positive for COVID-19, the local Public Health facility manages contact tracing and will inform those individuals who may have been exposed to the person who has tested positive.   The club will follow the guidelines of the local public health unit and will reopen once the required cleaning is completed.

How are you screening members to make sure they don't have COVID-19?

We will not test members for COVID-19. However, upon entry members will be required to follow new club health and safety guidelines that include questions about illness and exposure.  These new health and safety guidelines are posted at club entrances and on the Movati website – click here to view the guidelines..

Why are you not taking the temperatures of people coming into the facility to ensure everyone’s safety?

Temperature taking is not required by Health Canada and does not ensure everyone’s safety.   People can be asymptomatic for 5+ days with no fever and still be contagious.  

Will you be restricting the # of members allowed in the club?

The number of members permitted in the club at one time will be based on the capacity limits mandated by the Ontario Government. These limits are calculated based on maintaining the required physical distancing for member safety. Reservations for club access are required to ensure proper monitoring of capacity limits, physical distancing and everyone’s safety and access to facilities. For instructions on how to book a general workout or pool access, click here for more information. To learn how to book a group fitness class using the MOVATI app, click here.

Will I need to book a time to come and workout?

Yes. reservations will be required for group fitness classes, coed general workout, women’s only general workout, women’s only pool and coed pool. Reservations can be made through the MOVATI App or through our website schedule. Drop-ins will only be permitted if we have not reached capacity with reservations. For instructions on how to book a general workout or pool access, click here for more information. To learn how to book a group fitness class using the MOVATI app, click here.

What Social distancing protocols are in place?

Social distancing protocols are mandated by the Ontario Government.  Fitness equipment will be distanced based on established government protocols (i.e. 2m/6 feet).  Group Fitness classes will also have limited capacity to meet the Government’s physical distancing protocols.  

Members who use our lockers and showers will be physically distanced by restricting use to every other locker and shower.  In addition, specific amenities will be temporary closed until new government guidelines are established.  At present, this includes: Spas, Sauna, Steam Room and our Playroom. 

What if I see another member not practicing social distancing?

If a member has a concern with other members not practicing physical distancing or proper disinfecting of equipment, they should raise their concern with a Movati Ambassador or Manager who will respectfully and discretely address the issue with the member.

Personal Training FAQs

Can I cancel my Personal Training agreement when the club reopens?

The terms and conditions of your Personal Training agreement continue to apply. You may cancel your personal training agreement at the end of your term.

How is safe physical distancing going to be maintained during personal training sessions?

We recommend that Personal Trainers choose exercises and weights that do not require excessive spotting. Personal Trainers will also observe physical distancing at all times.

I am not comfortable coming into the club for personal training sessions, what are my options?

We have launched our online personal training services to support current and future personal training clients. Click here for our brand new online programming services or speak to your local personal training team for 1-on-1 virtual sessions.

Studio Fitness FAQs

If the online classes are free for everyone why I am paying for a membership?

The free online classes were a temporary solution to help members stay fit and connected with each other, in the privacy of their home, during the closure and self-isolation period.  When clubs reopen the free online classes on Facebook and Instagram will be discontinued.

Are your virtual classes going to continue after you reopen? For how long?

Once the clubs reopen, a limited virtual schedule via Zoom will be available for members until we return to our full class capacity numbers and offerings. We will continue to provide a library of our on-demand videos.

What is your class etiquette? Has it changed with reopening?

Class etiquette rules still apply and will now include new safety protocols for enhanced cleaning before and after class and physical distancing. We will also be temporarily removing hard to clean and shared equipment, such as foam rollers, yoga mats, blocks, etc.

What Group Fitness classes will be available upon reopen? How many classes? At which clubs?

Many of the Group Fitness classes you love will still be offered.  For the latest offering, schedules and to reserve your spot please check or, once available, the new Movati Mobile App, once the club reopens.

How many people will be allowed to be in classes?

Each club studio have different capacities based on square footage and physical distancing protocols established by the Ontario Government and Health Canada of 2 meters/6 feet distancing. For the latest, schedules and to reserve your spot please check, or, the new MOVATI Mobile App, when your club reopens.

What studios will be open?

Most studios will be open.  Hot yoga will temporarily not be offered. For the latest offering, schedules and to reserve your spot please check or, once available, the new Movati Mobile App, once the club reopens.

Movati App FAQs

When will your Movati app be available?

The new MOVATI Athletic app is now available. Click here for your free download.

How do I book group fitness classes in the App?

What information do I need to register?

You will need the information within your MOVATI Athletic membership agreement; Home club, Barcode number (do not include % sign; example: MOV00000) on your swipe tag, and Last name on the agreement.
(Please note your last name and home club must be exactly the same as in your active agreement within MOVATI’s membership system.)

How do I view and book classes and workout openings at other clubs?

For instructions, see this PDF document.

My email/phone number is taken.

Most likely you have created an account using your email or phone number already. Please select “Forgot Password” to reset your account.

I forgot my password.

Please select “Log In/Sign up” and then select “Forgot password?” You will enter your email where prompted to, and an email will be sent to you shortly with a new password.

I signed up for a gym membership, but my login is not working for the app.

Your MOVATI App login is a separate login from your membership. If this is your first time accessing this app, please select “Log In | Sign Up” -> “Create Account” and enter the required information.

I cannot be found in the system.

If you are trying to create an account and you received a message that says “We could not locate you in the system.”, it means that you have entered incorrect information, ex. Wrong barcode number (do not include % sign; but include MOV) last name or home club, during the registration process. You can click the “i” icon at the top right corner and explore through the FAQ chatbot. You may also email as an alternative to the in app support for inquiries.

I’m moving and changing home clubs. Will I lose all my fitness activity?

No, you will not lose your fitness activity. Keep tracking those workouts! Once your home club has been changed within our membership system, the app will automatically update your home club within 24-48 hours. Be sure to update your filters in the Class Schedule to ensure you are viewing the correct club class schedule. 

I set up an account on the app and I cannot log in.

Please use the “Forgot password?” link on the home screen to contact our team and they will send you a temporary login and password for your MOVATI App. After you sign in, please go to the “My Profile” under the “Settings” tab and create a new password.

I am requesting a new password but am not receiving the forgot password email.

The reset email is sent through an automated system. Please make sure you do not have any filters set to your inbox that will not accept such automated correspondence. If you used an email address with a special domain other than the regular ones (ex. @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail), please check your spam or junk email folder, or contact your email service provider to make sure you can get emails from us.

I am requesting a new password, but my temporary password does not work.

Temporary passwords are case sensitive. Please make sure that you have entered all characters correctly. When you do copy/paste extra spaces can be copied at times. They will be considered as a character as well and your password might not work.

How do I log a Workout?

There are three ways to record a workout.

Tap Workouts on your mobile app and select All Workouts.

  • Click the ‘Track Workout’ or ‘Create Your Own Workout’ and choose your exercises, or
  • Scroll down to Quick Actions and select your activity to track.

You can also automatically track your workouts by using:

  • xCapture – This feature can be found in ‘Quick Actions’. It is designed to track workouts on non-connected equipment. Look for equipment with electronic display screens (like treadmills and stationary bikes), and at the completion of your workout take an xCapture picture of the electronic screen that displays your Time, Distance and Calories.  xCapture will automatically update your tracking for that equipment-based exercise. (May take up to 24 hours to process and then display your workout.)
  • 3rd Party Tracking Apps and Devices – Go to the Profile tab and select ‘Connected Apps’ to link your account to your favorite 3rd party tracking apps and devices.

Your activity will be added to the Latest Activity in the Workout section of the app.

What is an xCapture?

xCapture – This feature can be found in ‘Quick Actions’. It is designed to track workouts on non-connected equipment. Look for equipment with electronic display screens (like treadmills and stationary bikes), and at the completion of your workout take an xCapture picture of the electronic screen that displays your Time, Distance and Calories.  xCapture will automatically update your tracking for that equipment-based exercise (may take up to 24 hours to process). Please make sure your camera settings are allowed in your phone’s settings)  

My camera button is greyed out when trying to submit an xCapture.

Allowing the camera is a permission you are asked when you first download the app. If you did not allow the permission initially, do not worry! Please open your phone’s settings, scroll down until you see your gym’s app, select the app, and toggle the camera permission so that it is “on”.

I don’t work out on cardio equipment but want to track my workouts. How do I do that?

No problem, use the “Manual” entry feature under “Create a Workout” and enter in your workouts by day. You can also link 3rd party tracking apps and devices to your account under the “Connected Apps” tab to automatically track workouts.

How do I edit/delete a workout?

You can edit your workouts in the “Workouts” tab. Tap on the View All button by Latest Activity, search for the workout you would like to edit/delete, open the workout and make the adjustments and hit save.

Note: Connected Apps workouts cannot be edited/deleted as this is syncing from a third party.

What if I don’t want my workouts highlighted on the Activity Feed?

Good news, by default the Public setting is turned OFF. However if you’d like to see your leaderboard and activity feed include your workouts, please tap on your picture located in the top left hand corner of the screen, then select SETTINGS and go to PRIVACY  a where you can control your profile settings. 

What apps/devices can I connect with?

For a full list of apps to connect with, please visit the “Connected Apps” tile in the picture location in the top left-hand corner of the screen, (side menu/Dashboard) or in the Profile tab

I don’t see my favourite connected app/device, are you adding more?

We are continuously adding more. Please let us know your favorite so we can add it to the list 

How do I connect other apps/devices?

Please open the “Connected Apps” tile and select “link” next to the app you wish to connect. You will then be guided to a screen where you will log into your connected app account.

Can I link more than one 3rd party app and device?

Yes, you can link multiple apps/devices and they will all track.

My workouts are duplicating.

If two connected apps are linked to each other and linked to your app account you will see duplicate workouts in your workouts tab because both sources will send data to the app.

I don’t see my 3rd party app summary on the “Dashboard” page. Are my accounts linked?

Try a few steps to ensure your account is linked properly:

  • Log out and sign back into your 3rd party app account
  • Log out of the App and sign back in
  • Please note, if you are using a 3rd party app/device to record your workouts there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices sync to when the workout appears in the app. Still having problems, email for assistance.

How do I Create a Goal?

You can create a personal goal by accessing the ‘Goal Center’ section of the app in the ‘Progress’ tab. Here, it will allow you to pick your goal type, target and duration.

Can I have multiple goals at once?

No, you can set only one goal at a time.

Can I create a goal for me and my friend?

No, this is your personal workout tracking account. If you attend the same gym with your friend, you can, both, join a challenge created by the club.

How long does a challenge last?

Please visit the challenge page on the App to view the challenge details or you can visit the front desk at your home club.

What if I am on vacation during the challenge but still want to participate?

You can participate on the go! Link to your 3rd party apps/devices (Fitbit, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, etc.) under the “Connected Apps” tab.

Can I participate in more than one challenge?

Yes, you can join as many as you’d like.

My workouts are missing from the challenge.

Please ensure you have joined the challenge and your workout meets the challenge exercise requirements. 

I signed up for the challenge, but my workouts aren’t counting towards it?

Please check the start date of the challenge in the App, it may not have started yet. Your workouts will begin recording when the Challenge officially starts. Please note, if you are using a 3rd party app/device to record your workouts there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices syncs to when the workout appears on the leaderboard.

How do I leave a challenge?

Please sign into the App and go to the “Progress” tab “Active Challenge” and click on the challenge you have joined. From there, you can click on “Leave” in the bottom of your scroll. This will remove you from the club challenge.

I have some ideas for new features. How do I pass that along?

We love receiving feedback and new ideas and will respond back to all inquiries. Feel free to email our Support team at and let us know how we can improve your experience.

Movati Express Pay FAQs

What is Movati Express Pay?

It’s a convenient way to pay for in-club purchases using your Movati Membership swipe card. When enrolled, your credit card of choice is linked to your membership card. No need to bring your payment cards or cash into the club with Movati Express Pay. Simply present your swipe card when making a purchase in club.

How can I sign-up?

You can sign-up for Movati Express Pay anytime. Linking your credit card to your membership only takes a few minutes. Please ask the front desk for details.

Where can I use Movati Express Pay?

You can use Movati Express Pay to pay for any in-club purchase – from the Café and Movati Boutique to Personal Training and Kids Playroom.

Are there any fees for using Movati Express Pay?

No, there are no additional fees for Movati Express Pay.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, your credit card is secure. We are compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for security and privacy.

Is there a transaction dollar amount limit?

In-club payments using Movati Express Pay can be in any amount permitted by your credit card limit. Payments under $20.00 do not require a signature.