October 02, 2023
Strength Training for Runners
Strength Training for Runners

Do Runners Need to do Strength Training?

Is strength training really necessary if you’re a runner? Absolutely! Strength training is an essential part of a runner’s overall program and one of the biggest factors that will influence your performance because it strengthens muscles and joints, which can improve race times and most importantly decrease the risk of injury. 

If you want to perform at your full potential, you need to take a comprehensive approach to running. That means targeting areas of fitness you may not normally pay attention to, like flexibility, balance, mobility and strength! How much time should you dedicate to strength training? As a runner, all you need is to invest 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week, to reap the full benefits of strength training. In other words, resistance training does not have to be time-consuming.

7 Benefits of Strength Training for Runners

  1. Reduce Injury – Stronger muscles = less impact on your knees. Conditioned muscles also recover faster!
  2. Increase Lean Muscle Mass – Increase your strength while improving your body composition.
  3. Reduce Body Fat – Strength training increases your metabolism which increases calories burned.
  4. Increase Your Endurance – Strength training increases your muscular endurance and maintains your running mechanics.
  5. Fix Muscular Imbalances – Strength training can target specific muscular imbalances which in turn helps to reduce injury. 
  6. Stronger Bones – Strength training increases bone density. Stronger bones will enable you to have a longer running career.
  7. Better Posture – Upper body strength training can lead to better posture when running.

Remember…when you go beyond your physical abilities and become injured, it will set you back in your running more than if you took a little extra time to do some strength training to prevent injury.

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