December 12, 2023
Why Movement Screening? Book Your Game Plan Session Today!
Why Movement Screening? Book Your Game Plan Session Today!

2024 is around the corner and many people start the year with new goals and resolutions, excited to achieve their best results as fast as possible.

Before we start exercise routine and our fitness journey successfully, we need to evaluate the quality of the fundamental movement we use day to day to ensure plan is customize to our need and safe.  Our MOVATI Movement Screen was created with support of 30+ highly recognized reference education on assessments and biomechanics.

If individuals in movement assessment have deficient areas of mobility and stability, our team of fitness professionals start with corrective guidelines tailored to you to build a strong foundation so you can perform at your highest potential. For example, one of our movements that will be screening is “Unilateral Hip Hinge. This assessment was created to screen your balance and bending pattern. 

  As we know Balance is crucial to safe movements in life, most of our daily movement (run, walk, stairs, …) are done on a single leg, losing balance could cause a change in gait pattern as well as compensation in many areas of the kinetic chain. 

  Hinge pattern is an essential movement for your activities of daily living such as bending over, getting up from the floor, and walking. Performing this movement to the highest quality will improve our speed, confidence and agility and protect our spine from pain and injuries.

Connect with one of our Fitness Professional to complete your game plan sessions to learn more about your movement.