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We are passionate about doing everything we can to ensure that our members are receiving exceptional value from their Movati Athletic experience, every single day. That starts with your very first visit, so don’t hesitate to give us a call, send us an email or just drop in; we’d love to give you a free guided tour. You’ll feel no pressure to sign up, though you’ll definitely feel how proud we are of our clubs.

Every membership plan offers incredible value.
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Economical with convenient payment options

Rates at many of our clubs are less than $2/day



Same amazing experience for a shorter duration.

Rates vary by membership duration

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Plans of less than one month are available.

Try before you buy, your first visit is FREE!


Lets you affordably broaden the scope of your membership. Simply add on services you wish, like towels, squash and personal training. Available at any time during your membership.

In addition, our Qualified Fitness Coaches can help discover your Body’s Age with a comprehensive Polar BodyAge Assessment. The Polar BodyAge system assesses the difference between your chronological age and your current fitness level. It’s an invaluable tool used to shape your personal training program and help you achieve your goals. See the front desk at any of our club locations to get started.

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