October 21, 2020
How to dress for an outdoor workout

Days are getting shorter and maximizing the time you spend outdoors can be great for your mental and physical health. However, don’t let the dropping temperatures discourage you from getting some fresh air, you just need to be smart about it! 

Here are some tips for dressing for an outdoor sweat session:

Check the temperature and dress in layers

The rules for layering are as follows: sweat wicking layer followed by an insulating layer and/or followed by a shell or protective layer. Depending on the temperature and how windy it may be you may not need all 3.

Check the temperature and add 10 to 20 degrees, that is how you will feel while exercising.

Stay Dry!

A common mistake is assuming you need to be dressed as you would if you were just standing out in the cold. The opposite is actually true! You should avoid dressing in too many warm layers to minimize excessive sweating.

An important tip to remembers is to make sure to wear a sweat wicking-layer close to your skin to minimize sweat absorbing into your clothing throughout the workout. This can look like choosing a long sleeve top made of activewear material instead of a cotton shirt.

Cover your hands, head, feet and ears

When our bodies feel cold temperatures, they prioritize keeping our most important organs safe, which means blood flow is directed to your trunk. This leaves your hands, head, feet and ears vulnerable to feeling much colder.

Hat gloves and socks really are more important when exercising outdoors than a thick sweater would be!

Wear sunscreen

The sun is still out, and your skin still needs protection. Do not forget your sunscreen before you head out, not matter how cold it is!

Pay attention to wind chill and stay home during extremes

Don’t forget that frostbite can happen, but the risk significantly becomes elevated at temperatures below –28 degrees Celsius. This includes wind chill, so even if it’s -5 Celsius, if it feels like –28 Celsius, stay home and opt for an indoor workout.