Movati Group Fit

Expect Strong Results!

Experience the benefits of our “strength in numbers” approach, by exercising with like-minded people. Immerse yourself in our motivational and energetic classes chock full of fun and self-accomplishment.

Offering a wide variety of conveniently-scheduled classes, there is always a new class to try, personal goals to crush and friends to make. We look forward to accomplishing great things together when you join our Movati movement community.

Be Prepared

To assist you to feel welcome, we ask that you arrive with enough time to set up any equipment that is required and to hear any special instructions that may be provided at the start of each class.

Comfortable athletic attire, indoor athletic footwear and non-glass water bottle are highly recommended to make you feel comfortable.

Movati Group Fit Classes

Here are just of few of the many classes we have to offer our Movati movement community:

Anti-Gravity® Restorative (E)
Antigravity restorative yoga is a gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of antigravity. The weightlessness of your body provided by the hammock will deeply open the entire spine, hips, shoulders and the connective tissues of the body. Offering accessibility to students with physical limitations and loved by all as a portal into deeper spinal flexibility and the mind/body connection.

Anti-Gravity® Flying Fitness (E)
Discover the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space! This class is designed to teach you the basics: inverted flips and tricks that allow you to experience zero compression inversions. This class is not recommended for pregnant women, and please come prepared with no jewelry, and wear long pants and t-shirts for your own comfort in the silk hammocks.

Aqua Surprise (E)
Keep your muscles guessing with a variety of equipment and class formats! Each participant will work at their own pace to increase flexibility, range of motion and core stabilization. Build and increase physical activity while working with the resistance of the water!

Aqua Intensity (I)
Push yourself in this challenging aqua workout designed to improve cardio conditioning. This class uses a variety of equipment and will keep you moving through different levels of intensity.

Movati Barre Physique (E)
Movati Barre Physique is a full body, barre fitness class that combines yoga and Pilates practices, using the alignment and positioning of ballet. Working with a neutral spine, this low impact class targets traditional problem areas, while increasing core and hip stability. Using light weights and resistance tubing, a playground ball and a ballet barre, small contractions of the muscle and full range of motion, Barre Physique will fully fatigue each muscle group, leaving you energized and strengthened.

Movati Drums (E)
Movati drums is a cardio based jam session combining great music, good cardio segments with simulated drumming on a ball! Come drum your way to a leaner physique, all while rocking out to your favourite music!

Power Barbell (E)
Power Barbell is a class that incorporates muscle strength and conditioning. The movements are done to music which makes this class unique. Each muscle group can be choreographed to individual songs or premixed aerobic music. This is a great opportunity to build a community feeling for new and existing members and a fun and safe way for them to get stronger and healthier. The class starts with a comprehensive warm-up, followed by eight tracks of specific muscle groups, and finishes up with a well-deserved stretch.

Step Aerobics (I/A)
With a winning combination of music, choreography and energy, this intermediate step class will get everyone moving!

TRX® Sweat! (I/A)
Are you ready for a new kind of sweat? This high intensity interval training class will give you just that! Your heart rate will soar with a dynamic blend of strength training and intense cardio challenges. Have fun, get out of breath and as the name implies, be prepared to sweat!

Zumba® (E)
Join the party with this high energy dance fitness class using motivating latin and international music and dance movements. It’s fun, easy and effective! A great cardiovascular workout.

B – Basic B – Basic classes are gentle and modified workouts with no experience required. Additional instructions on safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given to build a solid foundation in your workout routine.E – EveryoneE – Everyone Welcome! Instructions of safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given while offering options that will work for a wide range of participants looking to build upon experience gained through BASIC classes.I/A – Intermediate/AdvancedI/A – Intermediate/Advanced classes are challenging in intensity with experience required. Reduced instructions and modifications are given in order to challenge the participant’s knowledge and technique gained through EVERYONE classes.

Movati Client Etiquette