September 04, 2020
Getting back on track with sleep

With more people returning to work, returning to the gym and other regular activites, it is more important now than ever that we are getting quality sleep. You may have noticed your schedule has shifted in the last few months, but you feel like you could use a return to your old sleeping routine.

Here are a few considerations to help you get back to a consistent sleep schedule:

Set a bedtime and a wake time

It doesn’t have to be that you cut your bedtime by 2 hours immediately. However, try choosing a time just a little earlier than you’re used to. If before the closure you had a 10pm bedtime and now it’s closer to 1 AM, let’s slowly work toward midnight or 11:30. It’s not about being perfect right away, but rather making a consistent effort toward improvement.

Exercise daily

Whether it’s a group fitness class, lifting weights, going for a run or an evening walk, daily exercise is an underrated way to help you sleep better throughout the night. It doesn’t mean every day needs to include a high intensity workout, but every day try to make some time to move your body!

Turn off electronic notifications before bed

We’ve all heard the advice, but how many of us implement it? Instead of scrolling through your phone, pick up a book, listen to a podcast or spend some time with family, free of distractions.

If you insist on still being on your phone, consider setting it to “do not disturb” so there is less temptation to check it!

Get sunlight throughout the day

Our bodies react naturally to light and dark so if you may be finding it difficult to feel tired at the end of the day if you spend all day indoors and away from natural light. If you’re working from home, try to move to an outdoor setting, take a midday walk or even have your breakfast or read a book outdoors.

Limit fluid and food intake before bed

After spending time getting ready for bed, the last thing you need is the urge to use the bathroom throughout the night or just as you’re drifting off into sleep.

It may seem like it’s an impossible feat, but small changes in behaviour over time will slowly move you towards your goal and you will have your internal clock set just the way you like it!