November 27, 2018
Announcing this year’s Be Strong winners

Congratulations to everyone that took part in our Be Strong Challenge this fall – it was our biggest Be Strong event to date! Over 3600 members stepped up to the challenge, vying for 1 of 2 grand prizes of $2000.

Across the entire company (including all 15 locations) we have lost over 5900lbs and gained over 1400lbs of lean body mass!

We also had over 1300 posts made on Instagram for our #MOVATIBESTRONG social media contest. Many of you took to Instagram to share your progress updates with us throughout the challenge. From reviewing the posts you’ve shared, we learned how important this challenge was for you. It wasn’t just about losing weight or gaining muscle – this challenge gave you the opportunity to take control of your fitness and finish off the year strong. 

This year’s winners

We have 2 winners for this year’s challenge – 1 for our Weight Loss category and 1 for our Muscle Gain category.

Weight Loss Winner – Joe Morello (Richmond Hill)

Joe had an amazing transformation, losing over 36lbs of total body weight and dropping over 13% body fat! Here’s what Joe had to say about his Be Strong story:

“To help me be even more committed to my fitness regime, I decided to partner up with a personal trainer and Patrick was introduced to me. He not only helped me with weight training but included time hitting cardio, abs, legs and arms – all at once. I was now working out with Patrick once a week, going to Essentials yoga once a week in the Hot Studio, once a week in the Sky Studio, and of course attending my Rhythm & Beats party. The experience really has been awesome! Thank you to Movati for providing the tools and people I needed to help me with this transformation!”



Muscle Gain Winner – Charlotte Hamel (Orleans)

As someone who was relatively new to fitness, Charlotte achieved some amazing results by gaining almost 15lbs of lean body mass while dropping over 11% body fat! Here’s what Charlotte had to say about her Be Strong story:

“When the Be Stong challenge was announced, I really didn’t even consider joining. In the end, I was convinced by my friends to join as they said I could bring a friend to try out the gym for the duration of the contest. It was a great motivation as I was able to bring my husband to try the facilities. Some of the classes I enjoy the most. are the Movati Drums, Hot Hatha, Zumba and Tabata, but by far my favorite offered classes are Movati Physique Barre and TRX. I find these classes really helped me achieve my goals in this challenge.”

Keep an eye out for our Be Strong Challenge next year as we hope to make it even bigger and better!