4 Household items to help you stay strong

We’ve been exercising from home for 2 months and you may be hitting a wall when it comes to making progress with just using bodyweight. Here are some household items that can help add variety or an extra challenge to your workouts!

1) Backpack or duffel bag

One of the most readily available, yet most useful, tools for training at home is just a simple backpack filled with books, groceries or any items you can find in your closet or pantry. 

How to use it:

  • Weighed planks – wear on your back or in front for a side plank
  • Weighed push-ups – wear on your back
  • Lunge variations – wear in front, on your back or hug the bag
  • Squats – wear in front, on your back or just hug the bag
  • “Sandbag” Carry – hug the backpack and walk at a steady pace
  • Glute/Hip Thrust – place a backpack or duffel bag on your hips

2) Broomstick/Mop Handle 

To advance the versatility of the backpack, find yourself a broomstick or detachable mop handle. This will allow you to create a “handle” to hook under the straps of the backpack or duffel bag.

Use for following exercises:

  • “Barbell” Bicep Curls 
  • One arm supported row 
  • Bent over rows
  • Romanian deadlifts

3) Step Stool

Have a small step stool in your kitchen? Well now it’s more than just there to help you reach the top shelf in your kitchen.

Use for the following exercises:

  • Bulgarian Split Squats – elevate your leg on the stool the way you would on a bench
  • Elevated Romanian Deadlifts – the added height allows you to reach a larger range of motion especially if holding on to a weight or a backpack.
  • Step ups – step up on the stool with full control using only the leg on the stool
  • Step downs – starting on the stool, step down in a controlled manner by using the strength of the leg on the stool

4) Towel(s)

You may be surprised at how much versatility towels can have when it comes to exercising from home. The best benefit of a towel is that it can glide on kitchen and hardwood floors.

With towels under your feet try:

  • Cossack squats – towel under outstretched leg
  • Mountain climbers – towel under each foot
  • Plank to Pike – towel under both feet
  • Reverse lunges – towel under back leg
  • Hamstring curls – one towel under both feet
  • Kneeling ab glide – towel under your hands being pushed in front of you
  • Slider Fly Push up – towels under both hands and pushing out as chest lowers

Another useful way to use towels is to take advantage of how rigid they are when compared to a resistance band. 

Tip: Try wedging a towel over your door and using it like a TRX strap to do inverted rows or hold on to it to stabilize you while you do single leg (or pistol) squats!

The possibilities are endless, even if you’re limited with using just household items. You may not have a gym with the equipment you’re accustomed to, but you can still be creative; all it takes is an open mind and a positive attitude.

We hope to see you back soon!