What Cardio is Best for You? 

What Cardio is Best for You? 

Cardio has forever been the go-to solution for fat loss. We know that cardiovascular training improves our heart health, targets fat burning, and improves overall fitness; but what type of cardio is best and how often should we be doing it? 

Fasted Cardio: when exercise is done in a fasted state, in which your body is no longer processing or digesting food. When the body is resting (especially during sleep), blood insulin levels begin to drop; this allows the body to start using fat as energy instead of carbohydrates. 

Post Workout Cardio: strength training helps deplete glycogen stores, allowing for increased fat burning opportunity when cardio is done after your training session. 

Steady State Cardio: uses low to moderate levels of intensity and is suitable for those looking to maintain a lower average heart rate over a longer period of time. This type of training is great after a big weight training session where energy levels may already be depleted.  
HIIT Cardio: involves shorter bursts of higher intensity exercise, allowing the body to maintain a higher average heart rate and burn more calories. This type of training requires less total time (10-30 minutes) but more energy output, and is best accomplished in between strength training days. 

Try This!

  1. Post Weight Training Cardio: 5000m Row 
    -Perform 5000m on row machine
    -Alternate every 500m with low to moderate intensity
  1. HIIT Workout:
    -Run or Jog 1min at 75% intensity
    -Perform 10 burpees
    -Repeat circuit 10 times while trying to maintain or improve run speed each round

Group Fitness Class Recommendation: Cycle Speed & Power or Movati Punch 


-Blog written by Courtney O’Reilly