Tips for creating your at-home workout routine

Tips for creating your at-home workout routine

With the closure of all MOVATI locations, many of our members have lost personal trainers and gym partners to take them through workouts. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to structure the weeks ahead while embarking on this new home workout journey, please read on.

Choose Full body workouts instead of body part split routines. If you don’t have a home gym, you’re likely limited with exercise selection and variety. Splitting up your days between only upper body and only lower body will likely leave you scratching your head and not feeling like you’ve given your body much of a challenge.

Plan to exercise more frequently. Since you may be limited with movements the total amount of work you do in a session may be less. Make up for this by challenging your body more frequently. If you normally exercise 3x a week, try adding in an extra day!

Measure effort and difficulty rather than weight.  It’s best to aim for a high amount of perceived effort, all this means is that you’re getting close to failure with each set.  Maybe this week it’s 10 reps, but in a month you can do 20, that still counts as progress even though you’re not moving heavier weight.

Include supersets! If getting to a high level of difficulty is hard without going well over 20 reps, pair it with a different exercise. So instead of doing 60 squats, do back to back sets of 20 split squats with 20 regular squats.

Work on mastering a new skill instead of just aiming for exhaustion. Burpees and jump squats are great for getting your heart pumping in a small space, but to really challenge your muscles, put attention on more advanced movements.

It’s the perfect time to perfect those push-ups, one legged squats, sissy squats and more! Make this challenging movements the first thing you tackle in your workout and try not to rush through them.

Just because some of your goals may be on hold, doesn’t mean you can’t set different ones. Everyone is getting used to living a new normal and we know the MOVATI community is capable of coming back stronger and healthier than they ever thought they could.