Working with a personal trainer has been a life changing experience to say the least! My trainer was able to push me to my fullest potential, even when I wasn’t able to see it for myself. Seeing the positive impacts personal training had on my life, and in such a short time, brought me down the path of becoming a personal trainer myself. I wanted to be able to positively impact lives of others like my trainers had done for me. Having a personal trainer gave me the accountability and motivation that I needed in order to achieve my goals and set new goals that I never would have dreamed to be possible.

Olga, Movati Athletic London - North Olga

My client, Olga, is the epitome of the phrase “you are never to late to start” at the youthful age of 90 years old.  We’ve only been training for a short while, but in that time, she’s more than impressed me with her enthusiasm and energy.  She contacted me shortly after her birthday in March as she wanted to do some personal training, she had done the same thing 10 years earlier as a treat when she turned 80, and wanted to repeat the process for her 90th.

Olga takes a shuttle to the North Club from the retirement community she lives in to attend our sessions together. My time with Olga is full of laughs and stories of her interesting past.  She and her husband (who sadly passed away a few years ago) and their out-door adventures: camping, kayaking, hiking, biking, remind me of the things I enjoy doing and give me hope and encouragement that I myself will be living life to the max, just like she does.

I often tell her I want to be just like her when I grow up, and then she gives me a wink, a smile and says she hasn’t yet grown up herself.   Just what I wanted to hear.

– Tracy Weir, Personal Trainer, London North

Jen, Movati Athletic London - South Jen

My journey began one day when my little boy, Connor, said to me, “Mommy why is your belly so big and mine is flat?” I don’t know why, but it was at that moment I decided to do something about “my belly.”

I was fat! The biggest I had ever been in my life. This is where I met Maisha Barron, the person who has helped me get my life back. When I first started my sessions with Maisha, I can only say it was hard. I didn’t even make it through my first one hour session because I wanted to be sick! Maisha never let me quit and told me it was okay; this was all going to be worth it. She was very patient yet persistent to keep going.  There were some days I was tearful with how much I had let myself go and wondering if I was going to achieve what I set out to do, and other times where I hugged her and did high fives because of an achievement that day. She also me about nutrition and that food was my fuel, not my enjoyment.  This was the first time someone had been able to explain to me how I should look at eating and it felt like something I could commit to.  I wanted to change and I was ready.

Fast forward and now, my children can barely keep up with me. I don’t need to nap on the weekends anymore and I wake up ready to go for the day. My husband has his wife back! He looks at me the way he did when we were teenagers and our marriage is thriving! I can’t believe the change I have achieved. I was wearing a size 18/16 and weighed 205 lbs! I have lost 38 pounds and finally can fit into a size 11/12. I sometimes look in the mirror and can’t believe that this is me I am looking at!

My journey is not nearly finished, but I do take the time to brag to everyone how my son now says to me, “Mommy, let me see your guns!!” It feels awesome!!

Sara, Movati Athletic Waterloo/Kitchener Sara

Weight Loss: 51.8lbs

I was troubled by my poor fitness level and decided it was time to get serious about improving my health. As a newcomer to strength conditioning, I felt intimidated by free weights and gym machines.

Things started to change when I started training with Adam Ryan three mornings a week.

The sessions were progressively challenging and I was continuously introduced to new exercises so boredom never set in. His expertise, patience and encouragement led to amazingly fast and effective results.

Through Adam’s guidance, I’ve successfully become stronger, more energized and gained confidence towards achieving my goals.

Robert, Movati Athletic Thunder Bay Robert

Weight Loss: 73lbs

These last few months have taught me that being healthy and losing weight cannot be found in the hip new trendy diet or in a miracle pill.

It comes from support of friends and family. It comes from working with people that understand how to push you to succeed.

It comes from setting small achievable goals for yourself, but most importantly, sticking to those goals even when no one is watching.

I could not have achieved this success without the support of my wife, my trainer or without being honest with myself – even when no one was looking.

Audrey, Movati Athletic London - North Audrey

I have struggled with my weights all my life and have attempted many different weight loss regimens. A large part of my weight loss struggles have related to mental hurdles, which have limited me in pushing myself further.

Since joining Movati three years ago, I have had the privilege to work with some amazing trainers and health care professionals who have supported my weight loss journey 150%! Each one giving me another piece to my puzzle, and each having instilled in me that I can win this battle! I t hasn’t been until recently that I have noticed victories, that my trainer, Karen Lorento had I have taken great pride in.

What a sense of accomplishment! One of my recent struggles has been with assisted pull-ups. When Karin had me start this I could barely struggle through a few. Just a couple weeks ago I made it through 5 sets of 10 reps! A huge victory and mental accomplishment for team Audrey!

Each session Karin pushes me a little further and tougher we push past boundaries ready to tackle the next hurdle. I am excited to see what the future holds and how many more hurdles we can demolish!

John, Movati Athletic London - North John

Wow! Here I am starting my 18th consecutive year of Personal Training, all of them with Brad Fowler as my Trainer.

I was a ‘mere’ 59 years old when I started this journey. Brad has continually motivated me to improve, or at least try to improve, through all these years. This is a motivation that carries me well beyond our personal training sessions.

Workouts with Brad are always challenging. One never knows what to expect. This, I think, is a good thing.

I always look forward to my next session.

Lisa, Movati Athletic London - North Lisa

Training with Kelsey has been the best decision I have made for my weight loss and health goals.

Her positive attitude is contagious and the workouts that she designs are challenging but achievable. Each session brings something new which keeps things interesting and fun to do on my own as well. Kelsey has helped me work through the mental struggles that come with starting something new and is always supportive of my goals, strengths and weaknesses.

I have gained so much more than I’ve lost; confidence, motivation and the desire to push myself in an arena I never thought I would enjoy.

I look forward to continuing this experience with Kelsey!

Janet, Movati Athletic Waterloo/Kitchener Janet

Weight Loss: 40lbs

I have been coming to the Waterloo Movati Club since it’s opening. I have also been working out with a personal trainer since day one, but specifically training with Eric Parr since May 2015. Personal training has been a life changing experience. I have lost weight (more than 40lbs in total) but more importantly I think, I have more energy, more strength and more self-confidence. Eric always challenges me and I am often still surprised by what I can do! Personal training helps you push past self-imposed limits.

The Thinpossible challenge gave me the motivation to tackle some poor eating habits and Eric was great at providing nutritional coaching. I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish (40lbs down and I am certainly stronger!) I have a better sense of what I can and should be doing to further my fitness goals.

Joining Movati and especially personal training is definitely the best thing I do for myself.

Bunny, Movati Athletic Waterloo/Kitchener Bunny

Being diagnosed with a heart disease was probably the best thing that ever happened to me! With my blocked artery, my cardio was so poor I couldn’t walk 1/2 a block. Luckily, the doctors were able to patch my blocked artery, but it was up to me to fix the cause. Bye-bye over-weight, sedentary lifestyle! From the day I joined Movati, I knew I wanted to learn to strength train, and knew the smartest thing would be to work with a trainer to teach me how to use the equipment safely. And thus began my journey with trainer Amanda Sirio. I always look forward to my twice weekly sessions with Amanda, not only because I know I will learn something, but because she makes them so encouraging and fun. And I know that Amanda will push me out of my comfort zone. I love how she always seems to know what I am capable of before I do. Working with Amanda, she has given me such confidence and positive self-esteem. We were able to set some goals, and training plans, and only 9 months after starting at Movati, I was able to complete an incredible 4 day, 42km hike in the Andes mountains on the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu! I still cannot believe how far my fitness had some in such a short period of time, and that I was able to complete this trek. I thank Movati and Amanda for motivating and inspiring me along the journey. I continue to train with Amanda and feel very lucky to have her working with me. I now feel like a healthy, fit individual.

Evan, Movati Athletic Waterloo/Kitchener Evan

Weight Loss: 70lbs

This experience has been life altering and it goes way beyond losing weight. I know now for the future that if I face challenging times, I can work hard and achieve anything I set my mind to. I also know that the support of a strong mentor (Will and my mom) goes a long way to reaching your goals as well. This experience also created an even stronger bond between me and my mom. One day my mom invited me to go running with her – I said I cannot run. She said “you couldn’t run before but I bet you can now.”

That day, I surprised myself and ran 9km. I also surprised myself the other day and did some pull-ups unassisted. I guess my message here is “If you don’t try you might surprise yourself, if you don’t – you never will.” My mom has instilled in me the lifestyle goals of eating healthy, exercise and balancing your life. We did this competition in a really healthy manner. Our approach was sustainable. This coming year I have new goals to build more muscle and become even stronger. I know that I have the right support system with the staff at Movati.

Kari, Movati Athletic London - North Kari

Working with Chris over the past year has been amazing.

I knew I wanted to improve my strength but needed help with what to do.

We slowly worked our way to Olympic Lifting and now I am achieving things I never dreamed of. I am so proud of the progress I have made and I owe it to Chris.

He is an incredible coach and motivator and I hope top continue working with him in the future.


Rick, 58, began his personal training journey when the doors of Movati Athletic first opened in Waterloo. Here we are four years later and he is still going strong. Little did he know at the time that his first 12 sessions would expand into a life long dedication to training and his health. Weight loss, building muscle and receiving a kick in the butt workout were Rick’s goals when we began. With hard work and his dedication of training 2x a week, we soon crushed his weight loss goals as well as built a strong, lean, muscular version of Rick. During that time, he realized how important personal training would be to his overall goals of lifetime health and longevity. You can only get so far alone and Rick, among many continued ‘lifetime’ training clients, will tell you the same. Accountability and continued guidance with safe and proper exercise technique is key to a client’s success. I constantly focus on form and safe movements for Rick so he can continue moving strong and injury free. We keep things fresh with new goals and programming every couple months to keep Rick dedicated and engaged. Clients who decide to make training a lifetime commitment are giving their bodies the gift of health. Our bodies were made to move and I truly believe physical fitness is crucial to healthy and happy bodies.


Weight Loss: 21.6lbs

Joining the Movati weight loss challenge, I couldn’t have been more motivated by the idea of a competition. A competition to see if I could lose more weight than my fellow competitors. Little did I know we would be sharing a kinship, of hard work in the gym and in the kitchen. It didn’t take me long to realize that along the journey I have been able to push myself harder and reclaim my life. I can continue with my daily activities, however, I’m no longer short of breath climbing stairs, I’m no longer too embarrassed of my body to the point of cancelling plans so that I don’t have to put on clothes that don’t look good on my body. Anyone in the challenge that participated, won. I want to congratulate us all, that we are one big step closer to our goals in this journey – and to our trainer… we definitely couldn’t have done with without you.


Weight Loss: 33lbs

You never know when your life is going to change for the better. With amazing support from Movati Staff, I have been able to meet my fitness and weight loss goals. It’s been a dream come true really. Forever grateful!