Mobility & Recovery – The Building Blocks To Success

Mobility & Recovery – The Building Blocks To Success

Mobility training is the ability for a joint to move freely through its entire range of motion. Over time, our joints become compromised, which can shift how we move and exercise, ultimately leading to tightness and potentially even injury. Regular mobilization training is crucial to maximize performance & improve recovery. 


Examples of Mobility Training: 
Foam Rolling – self massage to help break up fascial adhesions and increase blood flow to that muscle. Can also help you feel ready before you do movements that require good mobility.

Dynamic Stretching – gentle repetitive movements that help activate the muscles and connective tissue to prep the body for movement. This is highly recommended before starting your exercise for the day. Makes sure your muscles are warm and ready to go.

Banded Distractions – The band gently distracts the joint surfaces from one another to allow improved opportunity for movement by allowing more synovial fluid to fill the joint and improve joint mechanics. Great if you notice certain joint feel a bit jammed up.

Try This!

  1. Begin by wrapping a band around a fixed object roughly at hip height.  
  2. Stand facing the band and place one leg into the band and place high on your leg, under the glute. 
  3. Step into a lunge position with the banded leg assuming the kneeling position.
  4. Squeeze your glute while sinking into the lunge position and allow the band to pull your hips forward. 
  5. Stay in this position for 1-2 minutes each side, allowing some flow in and out of the movement. 


Group Fitness Class Recommendation: ROM & Hatha Yoga


-Blog written by Courtney O’Reilly