Instructions for Participants – How to Join MOVATI Virtual Classes as of August 3

Virtual MOVATI classes are coming to members via ZOOM starting Monday August 3. To help you transition to using ZOOM we have outlined some important steps and information below:

Getting Ready

Before you do anything, please take some time to download the ZOOM app for your device:

Go to our virtual schedule and find the class you wish to attend.

Please select “SIGN UP” to open the registration form. 

Fill out the form with your information and note we are collecting names to ensure only MOVATI members are attending these classes.

Once you have registered you will receive an automated email from ZOOM with the link and password information to attend the class.

Joining the class

At the scheduled time please click on the link in the email and use the password found in the email. We ask, respectfully, that you do not share this information with non-members as it undermines all our loyal members, including yourself.

Zoom will prompt you to “join with computer audio,” please enable this. 

Turn on/off your video at your own discretion. Turning on your video will help the instructor feel the energy of the “room” and provide any suggestions or modifications. However, this is not mandatory.

Interacting during the class

All participants will be muted upon entry, please remain muted unless an instructor prompts you to unmute yourself to ask a question or provide a comment.

Otherwise, please use the “chat” function or “raise your hand” if you would like to ask a question or comment. To raise your hand, click on “participants” and find your name and click the “raise hand” option.

Please note, classes will be recorded however only the instructor will be captured during the class.

With all this new information we expect there to be a learning curve, so make sure to come early and ask any questions before or after the class. 

We hope to see you there!