How to cope with body changes in the time of COVID-19

Gyms in Ontario have been closed for about 4 months from when this blog is being written and for many, keeping our bodies in good shape is dependent on our access to a fitness facility. And no matter how many tips and tricks everyone shares on staying healthy and fit from home, you may have noticed some changes in your motivation and, as a result, your body, over the last couple months.

Maybe your muscles look a bit deflated, maybe you don’t feel as strong, maybe you’ve gained weight, maybe you’ve lost weight, maybe you feel like you’ve moved backwards instead of forward.

But here at MOVATI we’d like to remind you that health and wellness goes beyond what the mirror shows you at this moment, or any moment. It’s always about the full picture and in 2020 that picture included a global pandemic, a human rights movement, financial uncertainty and loss from multiple fronts.

With that said, our advice for you is to…

Be Kind

Bodies are dynamic and there is no black and white, right or wrong. The context of our lives does matter and whatever change you’re seeing is likely less catastrophic than you think it is.

Instead of being upset that your body betrayed you, thank it for being able to consistently adapt and keep you alive and well, no matter the circumstances.

Be Inspired

As mentioned, our bodies our dynamic and adaptable. Which means that once you do return to your routine and come back into the gym, it will adapt! Even more, it will adapt much faster than it did originally when you built that muscle, strength, endurance and energy.

You should feel inspired and look forward to bearing witness to what incredible success your body can achieve even with setbacks and obstacles in the way.

Be Patient

You may notice that your motivation isn’t exactly where it used to be, or perhaps your priorities have shifted. Remember to be patient and a transformation doesn’t need to happen overnight. You will get your groove back so long as you want it to come back.

You can return to feeling great about yourself again, it just may take some extra effort to reinstate those habits after extended time off and just remember to be patient and kind along the way.

At MOVATI Athletic can’t wait to re-open our doors and welcome you all back as soon as we can, but until then, do your best and remember you’re more resilient than you give yourself credit for!