Movati Yoga


With a range of passive and peaceful classes to the more powerful and intense, our yoga classes were designed to build community, inspire passion and develop self-awareness through breath and mindfulness techniques.

Be Prepared

Arrive with enough time to set up your space. Take this time to breath and settle in. Classes run in both the Hot and Sky studios therefore layers of clothing may be appropriate for your personal comfort. Hand towels, bare feet, and a non-glass water bottle is suggested. Yoga mats and accessories such as blocks, straps and bolsters are provided, however you are always welcome to bring your own.

Movati Yoga Classes

Hot Hatha (E)
Hot hatha uses heat as a powerful detoxifying element to positively impact the body throughout the practice. The class grows through breath work, standing and balancing static postures and floor work to stretch the muscles and connective tissue. Each posture is held for long enough that a student can find themselves in it and build both strength and ease while there. This class serves anyone who loves the intensity of the heat and a strong, peaceful practice.

Power & Flow (I/A)
Power & flow uses the breath as a motor to move the body and focus the mind. The class progressively builds heat and evolves into dynamic sequencing (full range of motion) with moments of strength and periods of intentional flexibility. This class is open to all yet caters to those who aim to enhance their health by getting stronger, enhancing range of motion and becoming more connected to their sense of inner peace.

Yin (E)
Yin is a deeply healing, grounding practice where postures are held for extended periods of time. Students learn to lean into gravity to elicit decompression of connective tissue and release physical and energetic blockages. Taught in the heat the practice facilitates detoxifying and deep stretching, taught in a cooler room and the practice facilitates structural change. Beneficial for every shape, size and level of activity from triathlete, to newbie, first time to fierce yogi.

Sweat & Surrender (E)
Sweat and surrender is a masterful blend of challenge and peace. Half the class is spent in yoga postures which build strength and flexibility in the body and mind, either held for longer bouts of time or flowing. The second half of the class is a sweet surrender into gravity in the style of our yin classes.

Essentials (B)
Yoga essentials gives students the essential tools needed to have a yoga practice that is healing, nourishing, strengthening and relevant for them. Learn the foundation of breath, posture, inner peace and honouring your own body. Open for all but geared towards those who are seeking an understanding of the basics.

Meditation (E)
Meditation has been proven to help ease the nervous system, quiet the mind and improve sense of overall wellbeing. Students will learn to cultivate compassion and a non-reactive mind so then can see more clearly through the day to day stressors and mental noise and ultimately access a sense of internal peace. Students of all levels will benefit from showing up.

Movati Athletic Yoga Etiquette

Please be courteous to your fellow members and instructors for an enjoyable class.

  • Arrive early to set up and settle into your space & breathe.
  • If you must leave practice early, please inform the instructor before class starts and quietly excuse yourself before Savasana begins.
  • Locker space & cubbies are provided outside the studio for your belongings.
  • Ensure your cell phones are silent or turned off.
  • Towel & water are recommended for Hot Yoga.
  • Members are required to wear appropriate athletic attire.
  • Ensure you wipe down your studio mats and props and place them properly within the storage provided.
  • Members & guests over the age of 16 are permitted to attend Hot Yoga.

B – Basic B – Basic classes are gentle and modified workouts with no experience required. Additional instructions on safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given to build a solid foundation in your workout routine.E – EveryoneE – Everyone Welcome! Instructions of safety, posture, equipment use and technique are given while offering options that will work for a wide range of participants looking to build upon experience gained through BASIC classes.I/A – Intermediate/AdvancedI/A – Intermediate/Advanced classes are challenging in intensity with experience required. Reduced instructions and modifications are given in order to challenge the participant’s knowledge and technique gained through EVERYONE classes.

Movati Client Etiquette

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