Trying Ignite for the first time? No Problem. We’ve got you covered!

At Movati, our mission is to help every member “FEEL WELCOME, FEEL COMFORTABLE & FEEL HEALTHY” which is why every trial session offers a orientation to our members. Ignite sessions offer a workout experience like no other; our HIIT session are designed to motivate and inspire. Whatever your fitness level, we’ll help you find a pace that Ignites your inner athlete.

Before You Sweat

All trial members will complete a 15min pre-session orientation. Our Ignite coaches will demonstrate proper treadmill and station set up, along with ensuring you have the appropriate equipment selection and understanding of the programs. Modifications for all exercises are offered to ensure that every athlete gets the best possible workout. Can’t run? No problem… each treadmill is equipped with a pace card that offers walking and jogging options for each interval.

What to expect

Every Ignite session is different. Our programs are designed to keep you working your hardest and bring out your best in every time. Our session offer a perfectly balanced mix of treadmill intervals and strength training circuits. Each day has a different focus to ensure every muscle is worked throughout the week.

What to Bring

You’ll be running (or walking), lifting and getting that heart rate up. A good pair of running shoes, comfortable workout clothes and a water bottle are all key.

We can’t wait to see you. Get ready to Ignite yourself!
Tread. Lift. Plank. Repeat.

Ignite Cancellations & No-Show Policy