Exercising with a mask? Try these tips for success.

Exercising with a mask? Try these tips for success.

Exercising with a mask may come with a learning curve, but we want to help you stay healthy while maximizing the safety and comfort of your fellow MOVATI members and staff.

If you’re finding it difficult to adjust to the new protocol, try the following tips:

Choose steady state workout options

High intensity workouts are no doubt a favourite for many MOVATI members; however, this may be the time to explore the vast range of exercise and workout types that don’t result in heavy breathing.

It is possible to build muscle and stay strong even in lower rep ranges that don’t tax your lungs nearly as much. 

If you’re used to supersets and circuits, we encourage you to open your mind to just working on one exercise at a time and taking adequate rest in between each set. You may even find you get stronger and build more muscle as a result.

When incorporating cardio, we encourage you to choose a piece of cardio equipment and, again, opt for more steady state options rather than intervals at a very high intensity.

Practice Nasal breathing

The key to breathing well with a mask is to breathe through your nose. Issues arise with mask wearing when we start to gasp for air through our mouths.

This is a great opportunity to slow down, pay attention to our breathing and ensure we catch our breath in a controlled way.

This may not be easy particularly when engaging in high intensity workouts, however, refer to tip number 1 if you’re finding that to be a limiting factor for your breathing.

Bring an extra mask

No one likes the feeling of wearing a damp mask. If you know you sweat regardless of the intensity of your workouts, we suggest bringing a spare mask so you can switch it up mid-way.

A good way to remember this is by always keeping a spare mask in your gym bag and replacing it gets used.

Bonus tip: to prevent irritating your skin under the mask, ensure you wash the mask with hot water and soap after each use as well as cleanse your face as soon as you come home from the gym.

Keep an open mind

Remember this change is ultimately temporary and the more we do to limit the spread the better we will be long term as a community. While we may have to make some changes in the short term and be inconvenienced, the potential benefit it could have for your fellow members and staff is immeasurable.