Combining in-club and at-home workouts for maximal health and fitness

Whether you are easing back into entering public spaces or want to be in and out as efficiently as possible, there is a way we can combine the best of both worlds!

See below for different ways you can split your time while still maximizing results:

Prioritize using heavier weights at MOVATI

Chances are, even if you have some equipment at home, you’re limited with the amount of weight available to you. Therefore, using relatively heavy weights and barbell movements to rebuild strength and muscle should be a priority for the days you come into the club.

Prioritize using machines at the club

Returning to the club is all about using the equipment you have not had access to, and machines fall under that category. Make use of machines such as the pec deck or lying hamstring curl for a challenge your muscles haven’t felt in months. It may even feel a bit foreign at first, but your body will adapt in no time.

Try our virtual MOVATI group fitness, small group training or personal training

Stay home and get fit with trainer-designed workouts with our new online personal training and small group training services. You’ll have the motivation and encouragement from our team without having to leave the comfort of your home.

You can find schedule and reserve a spot in a virtual group classes here:

Keep warm-ups and recovery activities for the outside the club

Warming up your body is an important part of a workout, however why not take an outdoor walk or run a few laps outside before coming in? You’ll not only be exercising but also, soaking up some much-needed sunlight!

After your workouts, why not head outside for a light recovery walk? Alternatively, once you get home, take your time doing some stretching and mobility work from the comfort of your home.

Do cardio from home

Good news: cardio can be done from anywhere! While you prioritize using resistance while at the club, don’t neglect your cardiovascular health.

Follow one of our MOVATI at home group fitness workouts here, go for a run or do high intensity intervals of body weight exercises like climbing stairs and mountain climbers.

While everyone’s comfort levels are different when it comes to returning to the club, there is a balance that can be struck between time inside and outside MOVATI for maximal fitness. It ensures you get the most out of having access to a fitness facility while still being responsible during COVID-19.  Just remember, no matter what it is you’re looking to do while inside or outside the club, MOVATI has you covered.